Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Basic Food Photography

© dzignous

Have you ever flipped through some magazine and saw mouth-watering food pics that you wished that you can do the same?

Possible, with some preparation of simple tools, food styling and esp. with the advantage of getting instant results from your digital cameras...

Basically you will need a light tent of min. size 40cm x 40cm or strobes with umbrella, tongs and gloves for handling food.

  1. Theme - Select a suitable theme for your food to emphasize the mood of the shot
  2. Extras - Food shots won't necessarily work alone, bring some accessories like napkin, cups etc.
  3. Simplified - The more complicated your set, the more things can go wrong.
  4. Mix light - Use a combination of natural light + 2nd flash light to get optimal pleasing results.
  5. White balance - Shoot RAW and adjust accordingly to the theme of the job requires.
  6. Avoid Fakes -  Try to shoot food straight out from kitchen for the fresh and real feel (90% cooked).
    After everything ends, you get to eat the food too!

© dzignous

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