Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY - Ringflash

We all love to buy accessories add-on to our cams, lights or lenses... Why not DIY one for yourself instead? Esp the oh-so-popular RINGFLASH!! I will like to share mine here although I believe you would easily find tons of other DIY ringflash tutorial from the web too...

Here goes...

1) Working out the required dimension and sketches

2) Die-cutting the main shape

3) Joining
4) The outer piece

5) More joining

6) Adding light-directing panels
7) The area for speedlight head insertion

9) Additional diffuser added

10) Neoprene cushion-padding for lenses

11) Complete look with a Nikon SB-800

Pair up with a wireless strobe-trigger, fire your cam in manual mode and you're ready for some amazing ringflash-halo-effects!

© dzignous

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