Thursday, June 23, 2011

Street Candids Shoots

Singapore © dzignous
Candid or street-shooting is one of the most fun and satisfying genre of photography. You can use any focal length that you wish, from telephoto to wide angle or even with just a standard prime lens (50mm). However smaller cameras like the Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3 or Sony NEX cams, will be less obtrusive than a DSLR with big lenses. Whatever your equipment are, you have to react immediately to seize any spontaneous moments.

Other than trial and error and some luck, you can try some of the following tips for better results:

1) Go Public
More people means more photo opportunities and you are also less likely to stand out in busy places.

2) Seize the Moment
Always have your camera ready in your hands, finger on the shutter button.

3) Blend in 
Avoid drawing attention to yourself and do what everyone else is doing. Draw camera to your eye at the last moment.

4) Shoot Low
Apart from getting unusual pic angles, many people won't notice that you are shooting them when you shoot from hip. Using a wide-angle lens and stopping down the aperture (> f/5.6) helps to get most of your subjects in the frame. Cams with articulated LCD proven to be very effective too (e.g. Olympus E3/E5, Nikon D5100, Canon 600D/60D).

5) Keep it Simple
Don't fumble with different settings or changing lenses to avoid missing any shots. Shoot in 'P' or 'A' mode and let the camera do the work, venture into manual mode when you are absolutely familiar with metering.

Guang Zhou © dzignous

Shanghai © dzignous

Shanghai © dzignous

Bangkok © dzignous

Shanghai © dzignous

Moments is what matters.

Nevertheless, respect anyone who doesn't wish to have their photographs taken.

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