Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photography is getting easier

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Photography is getting easier. 
No more worries about:
  • Camera shake: There's IS/VR even for pathetic short focal length
  • Low-light situation: With astronomical ISO values up to 51200
    (able to shoot at 1/125 in pitch-dark places)
  • Price: DSLR pricing on-par with compact cams
    (less than S$800 for body+lens)
  • Storage space: Memory cards with up to 64gb space
    (and cheap too with 133x 8gb CF/SD card that cost only S$30)
  • Capturing action: Scary up to 10fps fast frames capture
    (even up to 30fps in bridge cameras)
  • Poster size print-out: APS-C DSLR hitting 20mp, Full-frame reaching 30mp
    (CMOS having low-noise and lower power consumption than CCD)
  • Still and videos: Full HD video function in almost every cameras
    (1920 x 1080 @30/24/fps)
  • Accessories: Tons of on-line/shops selling everything you need
    (From eyecup, straps, batteries and even vertical grip)

So what's hard about photography?
  • Knowing and applying the basic: ISO? Aperture? Shutter speed?

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