Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photoshop or not?

Some might think that an image which had undergo photoshop (PS) treatment is not a "real" photograph. And there's even a small portion which will say that film is the only true and "non-processed" image. However they forgot that from developing of negative to print out, certain degree of touch-up (lightness/contrast/saturation) had already being applied during the process. B/W developing involving dodging and burning which are also part of "processing". Same goes for digital jpeg images.

Photoshop-ing is more essential for digital images as CCD/CMOS sensor does not have the same dynamic range as silver halide prints yet (newer full-frame DSLR have better DR).

One best solution will be to shoot RAW as that will ensure all information to be intact and can be further tweak to own liking. What matters most is to present one very own interpretation of their final piece be it whether the image had undergone PS treatment or not.

Digital processing is also part of photography fun and I totally dig it!

Hong Kong © dzignous

Hong Kong © dzignous

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