Friday, September 16, 2011

DSLR Speaker?

Couldn't resist the temptation when I came across this on eBay and bought it straight away. This is basically a 1:1 Canon 7D + 24-105mm replica speaker model that can be paired up with any mobile phones (including iPhone/iPod!) or mp3 devices with the included standard 3.5mm jack plug.

Original packaging
SD/USB/mini USU/3.5mm jack/DC
Got a remote control too!

Runs on 4 x AAs

Cover cap for the body when lens is removed

Alternate view (left)

Alternate view (right)

Various standard playback/pause/rewind/forward buttons

Lens (speaker) detached
Frontal view

Along side by side with an Olympus E3 + 12-60mm
Sound quality wasn't that great but it sure looks a whole lot better and more unique than any other mp3 speakers!

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